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How should TRINOV hair loss lotion be applied?

TRINOV Hair Loss Lotion, which comes in two variants, one for men and the other for women, can be applied in two different ways, according to the user’s personal preference. Having removed the screw cap, the user can decide to introduce either the spray pump or the dropper cap. To favour the penetration of the hair loss lotion, massage the application area gently with the fingertips, before expanding the massage to the whole of the scalp. Do not rinse and always close the bottle properly after use. Before use, read the information leaflet inside the pack carefully.



Spray 6 times onto the areas where the hair is thinnest
(6 squirts are the equivalent of a 1 mL dose)



Apply the content of two droppers (1 mL)
on the area to be treated

N.B. the content of one dropper means the exact amount of liquid that is drawn up into the pipette when the bulb is fully released, without attempting to further fill the shaft.

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